About this blog and me…


Howdy-do.  I’m Alisa and I have a red headed toddler, a blonde headed baby, a sweet white dog and a rather amazing husband.  I am a photographer on the weekend, but during the week, my love is in the kitchen, at the stove, sitting down to a meal together and watching my girls grow up.  I live for those things and they enrich my life daily.  I think food is so much more than nutrition – it’s the way we commune and feel comforted and recall wonderful memories with friends and family.  I guess in my early thirties, I’d finally had enough of talking about things that didn’t really matter.  So I started this blog.


8 thoughts on “About this blog and me…

  1. Love your blog! Anyone with a red-headed baby girl is okay in my book (I was a red-headed baby girl as was my mom, and as is my oldest daughter). Thanks for your take on great food.

    • Hello there! Thank you so much – that is tremendously flattering! I’ll be sure and put your blog on my list to check out! I think I follow two whole blogs, ha! I’m bad at it, but I’m glad to have yours in the mix, now! Thank you, again!

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