A Week in the Life

I did something different this week.  All last week, I took very low-key, not styled, not properly lighted pics of most dinners we had (otherwise known as iPhone pics), as well as a few breakfasts and side dishes.  I was asked by a couple of people to talk about the more day-to-day things we eat.  So I stripped everything down of any pretension and decided to show you exactly what we ate for a little over a week.  If you will hover over each image, you will see a description.  Lunch pics are not mysteriously absent – we eat leftovers every. single. day. for lunch and I really only took a pic of one of the lunches because they are literally a repeat, usually, of the night before.  My goal for the end of the week is to have a clean fridge, and for the most part, I achieve that goal.  And the other absent pics are from when we went out or had dinner at our church or whatever.  I vowed a while back to stop taking pics of my food at restaurants.  You should do everyone a favor and do the same.  Some recipes make a large portion like the brown sugar ham – made a TON!  So I used it in savory crepes yesterday for lunch, diced up with cheese and chives.  Voila – a simple lunch and CHEAP.  Breakfasts are really low key.  I make Olive some type of oatmeal about twice a week, yogurt at least once or twice, the other week days are usually “baby beetos” (scrambled egg burritos) and then Saturdays, I nearly always make something a bit more fun and indulgent like waffles, pancakes, crepes, whathaveyou.

Some of these pics look downright unappealing.  But in reality, this is what our plates look like!  Never picture-perfect, bad lighting in the dining room, no one styling our food, etc.  I plan on blogging about a few of these recipes (the pea puree – oh my word, it was awesome), but for now, I’ll leave you with exploring the descriptions and getting a peek inside a typical week around here!  
Dinner: Brown sugar ham, mashed potatoes and green peas with snow peasIMG_6405


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